My name is Stephan, I play Indian harmonium and sing mantras.
In this video I introduce myself and explain what mantra chanting is all about.


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Mantra singing” / “Meditative singing” is also called “Chanting“, “Kirtan“, “Spiritual chanting” or “Healing chanting“.

golden Buddha statue with hands crossed over the chest

Mantra chanting

Mantra singing is singing from the heart. It is not about beautiful voices or perfect tones – but only about devotion to the mantra and experiencing the connecting, healing energy that arises when singing, especially when singing together.

Healing singing

On special mantra singing evenings we practise Healing Singing: We form a healing circle in which we exclusively chant healing mantras. We focus especially on the mantra or dharani of the Medicine Buddha Bhaisajyaguru.


Seminars & Workshops

At irregular intervals, alone or with partners, I offer seminars, courses and workshops related to mantra chanting, meditative singing, voice training, breathing techniques, meditation, harmonium playing and qigong.