Healing singing

Mantra evenings with healing mantras and dharanis

On these special mantra evenings we form a healing circle in which we chant only healing mantras.

We focus especially on the mantra or dharani of the Medicine Buddha Bhaisajyaguru (source: Wikipedia):

namo bhagavate bhaiṣajyaguru
vaiḍūryaprabharājāya tathāgatāya
arhate samyaksambuddhāya tadyathā:
oṃ bhaiṣajye bhaiṣajye bhaiṣajya-samudgate svāhā.

The last line of this dharani can be recited as a shorter Medicine Buddha mantra.


tadyathā oṃ bhaiṣajye bhaiṣajye mahābhaiṣajye rāja samudgate svāhā

The Tibetan pronunciation is:

teyatha om bhekanzé bhekanzé maha bhekanzé radza samutgaté soha

An approximate translation of the dharani might be:

Glory to the Medicine Buddha, Master of Healing,
radiant as lapis lazuli, like a king,
the accomplished, the worthy, the fully awakened,
praised be the healing, the healer.
So be it.

Medicine Buddha

Medicine Buddha – Bhaisajyaguru
Source: Sangye Gyamtso

Medicine Buddha (Bhaisajyaguru)

Bhaisajyaguru is a Buddha of healing. Before his enlightenment, he took twelve vows in which he swore to cure all the sick of their infirmities.

In pictures (thangkas), the Medicine Buddha is usually depicted with a blue body (lapis lazuli). In his left hand he holds a bowl of healing nectar (amrita) and in his right a myrobalan branch.

Nectar and myrobalan flower symbolise longevity and health.

Effect of Medicine Buddha Meditation

Invoking the Medicine Buddha and meditating on him can awaken great healing powers. However, these do not always have to meet our expectations and work the way we imagine and desire in our everyday mindset. Rather, the healing power of the Medicine Buddha addresses the true cause of our suffering and therefore works on a very deep and fundamental level.

The most important cause of all suffering and illness is our ignorance of our true nature.

The phenomena associated with our ego consciousness, such as attachment and rejection, lead to an energetic imbalance and subsequently to illness and suffering.

The light and mantra of the Medicine Buddha purify us from ignorance, negative thoughts and emotions. The mind poisons of delusion, hatred and greed are dissolved. Our thoughts, our speech and our heart are purified.

This forms the basis for a possible healing process also on the outer, physical levels.


Ra Ma Da Sa
Sa Say So Hung

Ra Ma Da Sa is the healing mantra in Kundalini Yoga. It brings the self into balance with the universe. These eight sound syllables stimulate the flow of Kundalini energy through the central nerve channel in the spine. The mantra has been used since time immemorial by yoga masters to strengthen resistance to illness and to treat ailments in a spiritual way.

Ra Ma Da Sa acts like a soothing tonic that improves the flow of life energy (prana, qi) throughout the body. It helps to alleviate, integrate and heal illness, pain and worry.

Chanting Ra Ma Da Sa develops the power of the breath as a natural remedy.

Healing Circle

We use the healing power of chanting the Medicine Buddha Dharani and other healing mantras together.

We ask for healing for ourselves or for others. In our desire for healing we include all living beings.

To be able to help other people and living beings in the best possible way: This is our motivation to get or stay healthy.

If you are participating in this healing chant, you can write the names (and date of birth) of people close to you for whom you are asking for healing on a piece of paper and bring it with you.

If you are ill yourself and have to take medication, you can bring this medication with you. We will ask the Medicine Buddha (or a god(s) of your own religion) to charge them with healing power so that they are especially effective.

If you are healthy, wonderful, then you can support our healing circle with your energy and ask and work for others.

May there be healing. May all beings in all worlds be liberated from suffering and attain bliss.

Worldwide Healing Circle

With our healing circle, recitation and chanting of the Medicine Buddha Mantra, we join the Medicine Buddha Worldwide Healing Circle.

Medicine Buddha Dharani by Imee Ooi

We sing the Dharani of the Medicine Buddha after a composition by Imee Ooi.

Here is a short excerpt:

Medicine Buddha Dharani Cover

The CD “Medicine Buddha Dharani” by Imee Ooi can be purchased for €15 at the singing evenings. I would also be happy to send the CD to you, the price including shipping costs is then at least €17.50 (depending on the delivery destination).

If required, simply send me an e-mail to .

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